A young conservative with bold ideas.

“I am running to represent District 64A in the Minnesota House of Representatives because I believe that our government needs a voice of the future. I know more about the problems that my generation faces than any other politician in this state because I am the generation of the future. I want parents to support this campaign because I am the candidate who will fight for their child. The future is here and our government, now more than ever, needs fresh ideas that will unify the people of Minnesota. My stances on policies will allow the average Minnesotan to live a gratifying and prosperous life. I want to be put to work by the people of Minnesota in order to ensure that every individual is given an equal opportunity to have a shot at the American Dream.”

“Our country and state have become more partisan than ever before. I will be a voice of unity because I judge people solely based on their character, rather than the color of their skin, their political party, or their religious background. We are all children of God and we need to start treating each other as human beings. It is time that we rip-off the political labels and start working for the entire state of Minnesota.”